Our Mission

To activate and sustain the emergence of empowered citizenship participation, through which good governance, sustainable development and a life of dignity can be attained by all.

At the PPDC, We Educate, We Empower, We Mobilize for integrity in Governance


Our Vision

A society with its people fully empowered, realizing their full potentials and readily asserting the full measure of their citizenship under the most transparent and accountable governance possible.


The Public and Private Development Centre at A Glance


The Public and Private Development Centre (PPDC) is a non-governmental organization  created  to  increase  citizens’  participation  in  governance processes in a way that improves the integrity of public and private sector processes.  We  do  this  primarily  through  two  main  program  areas: Procurement Monitoring and Nigeria Integrity Film Awards (Homevida).

With  over  10  years  active  involvement  and  campaigning  on  integrity  issues,  particularly  public finance  management,  procurement  monitoring  and  governance  in  Nigeria,  we  have  become the leading non-governmental organization in Nigeria dedicated to promoting wider public participation in procurement governance as a way to prevent corruption.

Some of our projects include:


A dedicated web platform that seeks to link budget and procurement data to various public services using the Open Contracting Data Standards (OCDS).

The Budeshi platform is primarily being used to demonstrate to public institutions the utility of linking procurement and budget data using uniform data standards. This is with the intent of having the Open Contracting Data standards adopted by public institutions. Ultimately budeshi seeks to ensure that public finance information is coherent and linkable to public services.

Budeshi is also accessible to the public to interact with and also to make their own comparisons based on the procurement and budget data on the platform. At the moment, Budeshi has used data sets received from the Universal Basic Education Commission and the National Primary Health Care Development Agency, but will keep updating the platform as we receive data from Ministries, Departments and Agencies.

Please visit www.budeshi.org

Promoting Open Contracting In Nigeria through Radio Features

The core of our programming at PPDC lies in empowering and mobilizing more citizens to participate in government processes. One of the ways in which we encourage and stimulate citizens participation is through radio programs where we share our experiences and emphasize the need for all hands to be on deck to institutionalize open contracting practices across all stakeholder groups in Nigeria.

Sector Specific Procurement Monitoring

At PPDC, we recognize the importance of  citizens participating in  Public finance processes for the provision of public goods and services that they have reason tovalue. We have therefore embarked on deploying procurement monitors according to their areas of interest, expertise and experience. At the moment, these sectors include:

1. Health sector

2. Education sector

3. Power/Energy sector

4. Oil and gas sector

Enabling  Access  to  Procurement  Information  through  Public Interest Litigation:  

PPDC is dedicated to undertaking pro-bono judicial  review on behalf of procurement monitors who have been denied access to information on the contracting process in the sectors where monitors are deployed. Our suits extend to private sector organizations providing public services. Some of our successful cases can be found here:

FOI Rankings of Public Institutions in Nigeria,

In the last two years, we have used FOI Requests made to public institutions to rank levels of compliance across Public Institutions.

Using Animations to build Citizens Engagement and Public Accountability

Through our 2-minute episode animated series titled “The National Cake”, we are building a community of enlightened, responsive citizens both within the public and private institutions and various communities.

HomeVida: Promoting Core National And Corporate Values through Film

Consistent with our mission to increase citizens’ participation in governance processes, PPDC believes that the best way to reach a large multitude of citizens is through the film channel. The Nigeria Integrity Film Awards (HomeVida) provides incentives for film makers to promote core national and corporate Values in their movies.  In the last three years, we have supported young film makers to produce short movies that promote accountability, due process, business integrity, Human Development and Peace Resolution. We have also developed documentaries that inspire people to participate in governance processes.  See www.homevida.org  and our Youtube channels for more.

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You can keep updated on our activities at @ppmonitorNG, @homevida

www.procurementmonitor.org, www.homevida.org